Cover Letter

Before sending a cover letter, ask yourself the following questions:

   Content and Style

  •   Is the letter an original and specific to the position?
  •   Have you addressed the letter to the right person?
  •   Have you checked for the correct spelling of names?
  •   Will the letter capture the reader's attention?
  • Have you specified what you want to do for the company to meet their particular needs?
  • If you are responding to an ad, does the letter address the requirements of the position specified by the company?
  • Have you specified personal accomplishments as well as future goals?
  • Does your letter reflect confidence—not arrogance?
  • Did you avoid repeating details from you resume?


  • Is the format attractive, neat, and organized?
  • Have you checked for spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Is it less than one page in length?
  • Is the language concise?
  • Have you used active rather than passive voice?
  • Did you indicate when you would contact them?


  • Explain why you are sending a resume or vita.
  • Tell how you learned about the position.
  • Convince the reader to look at your resume.
  • Call attention to your background.
  • Refer to any information specially requested.
  • Indicate what you will do to follow up.


"I have studied in a bilingual school.... I won't have any problems with international students that would like to enter the academy".

"Basically, I’m fluent in three languages: Portuguese, French and English. I understand and might hold a conversation in Spanish because it’s similar to Portuguese and also because I sometimes speak Spanish with my Hispanics friends. In addition, I have strong social skills since I have been studying abroad for years and meeting many people from various backgrounds".

"I am the student who got the highest score in your class last semester" .

"I have accomplished the best score on those subjects such as...."

"In the four years study, I have taken several courses in both theoretical physics and experimental physics, where I build a solid background in fundamental physics".

"I did internships in China with ...... during summer break 2006, doing the jobs of....."

"I have gained considerable experience through four internships that I had in three oil companies".

"I have social skills since I have been studying abroad for years and meeting many people from various back grounds".

"I worked one year for ...... and I developed a project for them to improve their production system".

"My study experiences have given me a better understanding of what opportunities available to me..."

"Furthermore, I had an opportunity to deeply understand the effectiveness of such US led Global Peace Keeping Operations and other countries' foreign military policy through united education with other colleagues of 12 countries for four months".

"I am currently employed as Student Tech under in Physical Plant (Planning and Estimation department) and Technical co-coordinator for Student research week 2008( )".

"The knowledge I have acquired in Texas A&M University, one of the most prestigious petroleum schools in the world, and the internships I have done in big oil companies such as Esso and Halliburton, gave me the adequate training to handle the new challenges that Sonangol is facing".

"Because I worked mostly on research study in my school and my school didn’t have a good teaching environment on that clinical area, I sought to pursue clinical technique by doing many clinical rotations outside of my school and outside of my country".

"Of these the biggest achievement I had and the most I have learnt was on the making of the International Airport Terminal building in Mumbai. I was involved in this project for two and half years, right from the beginning to its end".

"I have worked for the department of architecture. My career period is nine years."

"I have more than three years of accounting experience, including some internship with Sonangol Company".

"Being an engineer is full of opportunities that will give me the green light to enter the world, the chance to meet well-educated people, with whom I will collaborate, to improve myself and to get more social and educational experience".

"I have been a qualified researcher. I published 20 journals and 10 conferences papers as well as I have taught undergraduate students during two years...."

"I finished a series of work on Calabi-Yau manifolds, mirror symmetry, and string dualities. There were ten papers published in PR series in the past three years, and the citation for one of them ranked 5th in that year".

"This will be an excellent opportunity to start a new research area, especially if you are interested in diversifying your line of investigation as Prof. Jeff Haberl mentioned".

"I am seeking to complement the lab experience with a research internship in order to acquire the background necessary for a future career in scientific research. I will call next week to see if you agree that my qualifications seem to be a match for the position. I look forward to speaking with you".

"I believe I am the right person to match up with your company because I have spent several years doing research in ......"

"I really appreciate if you give me an interview because I came very sure that we have more common points related with the company progress that could be discussed..."

"I would like to arrange an interview with you within the next two weeks".

"It is my pleasure and honor to call you next Monday to discuss".

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