Interview Skills

Research the Employer:
Google the company on the internet and look for:

  • Review the Company Profile
  • Company client’s list
  • Services provided by company
  • Departments/divisions in the company
  • Recent and on-going projects
  • Company growth
  • Competition between companies

Practicing and Preparation:
Mock interview are highly recommended to brush up your interviewing skills. Refresh your memory about your last job. Another solid method of preparing for an interview is to review possible questions an interviewer might ask such as:

  • How have your prior experiences helped you prepare for a career in architecture?
  • What are your strength and weaknesses?
  • What two or three professional accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?
  • Why did you choose architecture as a career?
  • Describe a difficult problem that you have had face and how you have handled it.
  • Why did you decide to interview with us?

On the day of Interview:

  • Be on time, punctuality is vital
  • Switch off your mobile
  • Stay humble
  • Be polite to everyone. This includes secretaries, receptionist and staff. The hiring staff may even ask their opinion
  • Stay positive about everything to leave a positive impression
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Listen to what the interviewers ask- do not interrupt even if they pause– and be sure to answer their questions directly
  • Be prepared to talk about everything listed in your resume. The interviewee might ask you about something happened five years ago.
  • Body language is important. Open you body and hand
  • Eye contact and smiling is vital
  • You can ask for a glass of water for pausing and refreshment
  • Give a firm hand shake
  • Smile
  • Appearance is essential
  • When getting around the table they might check your table manners
  • End the interview with a follow up promise, who will call whom when?
  • Send a thank you note after the interview