| Regenerative Design Studio
Instructor: Shady Attia
Office:B52 - SBD Lab Office +0/542

Email:Shady Attia (click)
Course Official Syllabus

Description of the Design Studio:

The activities in this design studio are a synergy between sustainability and regenerative design theory and their integration in an architectural design project. This approach allows us to address issues of conceptual coherence, spatial and expressive design while exploring simultaneously the possibilities for sustainability as an essential element for the design; which will become an important and essential task in the field of architecture. The studio focusses in particular on studying the interaction between questions of density, mixed functions, quality of life in buildings, while in the meantime integrating the principles of bioclimatic architecture. This includes the development of construction details in accordance with a basic understanding of sustainable buildings concerning energy, water and materials. The design exercise is based on a study of solutions adapted on the development of a collective housing of mixed density. They are successively developed in a throughout the different scales from the urban form, the ensemble of buildings, the building itself and its envelope and materials."