Research Projects

•Title: MADEEHI, Bioclimatic Design for Habitat in Madagascar, Client & Period: Erasmus+ – EU, 2016-2019

Research Activities (Active Member): The project goal is to reinforce the university and societal potential in Madagascar in terms of energy management, water and housing, using new technologies, to ensure sustainable development and research based entrepreneurship and added value of the country's natural resources.

•Title: Towards Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), Client & Period: IEA SHC Task 40 – ECBCS Annex 52, 2008-2013

Research Activities (Active Member): Identify & refine design approaches and tools to support industry adoption of innovative demand/supply technologies for NZEBS. Developing simplified tools or interfaces to support integration of NZEB technologies and architecture during early design.

•Title: Solar Energy and Architecture, Client & Period: IEA SHC Task 41 – ECBCS Annex 52, 2009-2012 

Research Activities (Observer): Focus on tools that help give an overview and evaluate the energy and cost impacts of various active and Passive solar options for the building envelope. Initiate the development/spread of design tools showing the visual impact of various solar options (elements libraries) and their influence on the energy balance of the building.

•Title: Environmental Design in University Curricula and Architectural Training in Europe (EDUCATE)

Client & Period: EACI-EU contribution 2009-2012, Research Activities: Conducting a survey targeting architectural academics and professionals in BNLX. Define strength and weakness in University Curricula of BENELUX countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg).

•Title: Database of Egyptian Building Envelopes (DEBE)


Period: 20011-2012, Research Activities: The Database of Egyptian Building Envelopes (DEBE) is an online database presenting envelope materials and constructions of projects and case studies in an interactive database format. The aim of DEBE is to facilitate the exploration and selection of such constructions for those in the energy efficiency design and research field for a better integration of building performance simulation and energy concern in the built environment.


•Title: PV Egypt -Sizing Photovoltaic Systems during Early Design: A Decision Tool for Architects


Period: 2008-2009, Research Activities: The overall benefit of this research to deliver a simple decision tool is informing and assisting architects and designers in order to increase the use of solar energy in buildings.The tool is based on a transient simulation database built using TRNSYS16 and underlies
research considering PV technology parameters and local climatic conditions of Egypt. Simulations of three PV systems are compared with measured data in order to form a basis for optimal design and prediction of PV system performance. For this tool we developed and presented simple graphical visualization of the verified performance indices.


•Title: Weather Files Station


Period: 2012-Now, Research Acticities: The objectives of this research project is to generate Typical Meteorological Tears File for many locations in Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria and Asyut) and to demonstrate the effect of climate change on the Egyptian building stock. In addition, this project aims to conduct analyses of the weather data contained in a Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) before the year 2000 and observes the effect of these data on the simulated load of typical buildings compared to TMY compiled after the year 2000. It is clearly demonstrated that the predicted performance of an exemplar building will be significantly different for the different time periods, thereby justifying the need for specifying more than one Test TMY file for big cities.